Re: Metronome problem

From: Alexandre Ratchov <>
Date: Sun Feb 12 2006 - 10:23:04 CET
On Sat, Feb 11, 2006 at 01:17:47PM -0800, Will Woodruff wrote:
> Yes, it works fine with a drum kit. Thank you. :)
> Is there an easier way to loop or arrange tracks in midish than the
> trackcopy/trackcut/trackinsert commands? How do you usually put
> everything together when you're finishing a song?

i use trackcopy/trackcut/trackinsert, but in order to make things
easier/faster i use loops ("for i in ..." constructs) and procedures
definitions ("proc mycopy ..."), example:

to copy 16 measures starting from measure 1 at measure 25:

	for i in [tracklist] {
		trackcopy $i 1 16 $i 25 0 {}

this will make the copy operation for each track of the song. This
can be stored in a procedure:

	proc mycopy start length where {
	        for i in [tracklist] {
	                trackcopy $i $start $length $i $where 0 {}

and then just use:

	mycopy 1 16 25


There are such procedures in the midishrc sample, barely documented in

personally, to arrange my tracks, i never use the trackxxx functions,
instead i use the g, n, sel, clr, copy, ins, cut, gcopy, gins, gcut
procedures from the sample file. They take very few arguments and use the
various song parameters (current position, selection, track, channel,
quantization step, etc...). I'd suggest you to use them and/or to modify
them to fit your needs.

You can include the midishrc sample file in your ~/.midishrc, eg. by
adding this line:

exec "/usr/local/share/examples/midish/midishrc"

(assuming midish is installed in /usr/local/ directory)

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