Re: first feedback

From: Alexandre Ratchov <>
Date: Tue Feb 21 2006 - 20:51:02 CET
On Tue, Feb 21, 2006 at 03:17:15AM +0100, Marcell Mars wrote:
> the great news: it works ;)
> i found in the documentation few mistakes:
>  * for the get/set song length it says songsetcurpos instead of
>  song[get|set]curlength
> i dunno if these things are possible with current features:
> * to print some info (ie. songgetcurpos) on beat, measure or even tic
>  when making something like:
>  proc record_with_feedback {
>  	songrecord
> 	print [songgetcurpos] on every 96th tic
> 	}
> * to print/ask for the information when in songidle/play/record

there is no way to run an user proc while in performance mode. Imo, this
would add much complexity to the sequencer, make it slower and less robust
in perf. mode.

i'm planning to add configurable hooks that will make possible to run
builtin functions while in song{idle,play,record}. There will be functions
to ask for info, to switch between filters, to mute tracks etc... It should
be possible to trigger them by sending midi events etc... but it isn't
ready yet

> * to pass to songrecord or songplay range ie. measure 0 to measure 4
>  and than it would go in loop
>  * to do something like punch in in some range ie. to play from 0 to 16
>  measure but to record (punc in) just when it plays from 7 to 10

loops/patterns are on my todo list; but there other missing features
that are pressing (undo/redo, user events/hooks etc..)

thank you for the freedback,

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