general alsa-setup

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Sun Jul 08 2007 - 02:02:37 CEST
  These are some nice entries for .midishrc to se midish together with 
  First build alsa with virmidi-support or load the virmidi-modules.
  Find out which devices they are:
  aconnect -li
  less /proc/asound/cards
devattah 0 "/dev/snd/midiC1D0" # or whatever your hardware-midi crad is.
devattach "/dev/snd'midiC0D0" # or whereever your virmidi-device is
# map one device to another
proc mapdev dev1 dev1 # in this case 0 1
  filtdevmap [songgetcurfilt] 0 1
  filtdevmap [songgetcurfilt] 1 0

  Now star rmidish and proceed as follows:
nf myfilt # new filter
mapdev 0 1
tracknew track1
cf myfilt # current filter now our filter.
# to test try:
  Note: now you can connect to your virmidi-device either input or output. I 
tried with:
aplaymidi 16:0 bwv1000.mid
  (worked just fine)
  The other way around:
timidity -iA (or any other synth that comes to mind.
aconnect 16 128 # virmidi to timidity
  (Worked fine again)
  Hope that can help anyone...
  Kindest regards

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