midish-0.3.0 released

From: Alexandre Ratchov <alex_at_caoua.org>
Date: Sun Aug 19 2007 - 21:16:48 CEST

I'm pleased to announce the release of midish version 0.3.0. The
source code is available at:


Support for 14bit controller and NRPN/RPN events has been added.
Now the complete MIDI state can be restored at any song position.
Two tracks can be merged resolving all conflicts. New editing
functions always keep controllers/bender in a consistent state.
Improved documentation, usability and code quality. See the
changelog for more details.

If you're switching from 0.2.x to 0.3.0, don't forget to update all
'devattach' directives in your /etc/midishrc and ~/.midishrc files.
For instance:

	devattach 0 "/dev/rmidi1"

must be replaced by:

	devattach 0 "/dev/rmidi1" rw

(see http://caoua.org/midish/arch/0019.html)

Feedback appreciated.


-- Alexandre
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