Re: New feature: show song position (measure.beat) during playback

From: George Wieggers <>
Date: Mon Feb 04 2008 - 23:01:42 CET
> > Ok, that's fine. I wasn't aware of the '-v' option, that's why I chose
> > the debug solution. Your approach probably is better.
> >
> well, it's not documented; i've just added a new section ("Using
> midish in other programs"), but it's still incomplete. Also added a
> new line to the -v option to write the song position on stdout and
> updated rmidish to use it.

Thanks for that, I'll update my working copy...

After browsing through the sources I already noticed that rmidish.c is
a nice starting point for my project.

As I mailed you before, I intend to take a Linksys NSLU2 and convert
it into a do-it-yourself midi file player. midish itself runs great.
(I was a bit worried if the NSLU2 would have enough processing power
to play midifiles and do midi-in filtering at the same time)
The remaining task is to design a UI that will run properly on a 4x20
LCD module and can be controlled easily using a small USB keypad.

Just wondering, would the following approach work?
- always keep midish in "idle" or in "songplay" mode
- if a command is initiated by the user:
  - send a ctrl-c to midish
  - perform the command
  - and return to "idle" or "songplay" mode immediately

With the miditemp, I can re-assign tracks to devices, while a song is
playing... I was just wondering if the same would be possible using
midish, using this approach.

- George
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