Re: Extract tempo / signatures from a MIDI file

From: laurent schwartz <>
Date: Tue Jul 29 2008 - 09:58:48 CEST
> it works with the simple .mid files i have. Cound you provide such
> a file?
see attached file. (get it on the net)

Yes. I've never needed to change the tempo in the middle of a
> measure, but there's nothing that would make hard adding code to do
> so.
Good news :-)

> imho code that iterates over tempo changes
> (or any other event) is much easier to write in C, because it has
> access to all appropriate routines that make the task simple and
> less error-prone.
It would be fine then, for example, to add tempolist (measure:beat:tick,
tempo) and siglist (measure, signature) proc in order to allow iterate over
these list items.

-- eleandar

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