Re: Transpose a complete MIDI file and save it to a new MIDI file (in batch mode)

From: laurent schwartz <>
Date: Wed Jul 30 2008 - 20:09:18 CEST
> > I see a transpose proc in midish manual. I would like to transpose a
> > complete MIDI song (every notes) one or more halftone down or up and save
> it
> > to a new MIDI file.
> >>drums can't be transposed. on the other hand midi files don't
> >>contain information to distinguish drums from chromatic
> >>instruments. But luckily most songs use channel 9 for drums, so you
> >>can just skip it, ie transpose channels 0..8 and 10..15 only:

wikipedia says channel 10 (but midish numbered channels from 0 to 9)

Thanks for your quick answer.

I've join to this post the bash shell i'm using to create new midi song and
wav output (you will need timidity and latest midish snapshot).

example: ./ file.mid \-1 dest_file.mid

-- eleandar

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