Re: Getting started with midish

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Sun Aug 30 2009 - 21:21:55 CEST
Hi Bob!
   I guess you better kill the "dnew 1" line from your midishrc. Or you rewrite 
it like this:
dnew 0 "16:0" ro
dnew 1 "16:0" wo
   But that shouldn't be it. My ~/.midishrc looks like that:
dnew 0 "20:0" rw
dnew 1 "129:0" wo
   Where the second one was for a test with some other software.
   Thought: Ever run rmidish as root? I normally work as root. I know, I 
shouldn't, but still I do. :-)
   I have midish 0.4.0 here. And recording never was a problem. Playback as 
well worked. Only I used Timidity to play sound. Just rewrote the dnew line a 
bit, so it could work.
   About rmidish: It's a kind of shell only. It starts midish in the background 
and sends all your commands to it and gives you some readline line editing and 
such. Yes you can pipe scripts to midish itself.
   Which version of ALSA are you using? Which system are you on? I use ALSA 
1.0.20 now, but used 1.0.14 (bugfixed) earlier. It worked on both. My system 
is Debian Lenny.
   If nothing won't help, Alexandre or one of the other REAL code geeks must 
help you. Sorry...
   Warm regards

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