Re: arpeggiator & Tcl

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Thu Dec 10 2009 - 12:20:09 CET
Hi Koen!
   I know, that there are external arpeggiators. There's a simple ALSA SEQ 
based application in an ALSA programming howto. There should be other small 
ones. And on one of the Linux Audio Conferences, a guy introduced a more 
complex arpeggiator written in Q (I believe). So that would have been one of 
Albert Graef's team. They tried to implement something like the algorythmic 
stuff from the Korg Karma workstation. I'm sure you can find more. They 
usually can be put in between a sound module (soft or hardware) and your 
sequencer (midish in this case).
   Hope that helps

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