Midish and its clock source

From: Julien Claassen <julien_at_c-lab.de>
Date: Sat May 29 2010 - 17:44:58 CEST
Hello everyone!
   It seems today I'll be bothering everyone. But strangeness and frustrating 
silence is happening all over the place.
   I've got an application that is supposed to send MIDI clock pulses, based on 
the JACK audio transport control system. The theory being: If I start my audio 
recroder, I'll get MIDI start and a midi clock which is synced to the audio 
clock in jack, which is supposedly VERY accurate.
   Only trouble is, it doesn't seem to work. Yet because of all the 
intermediate connections it is dificult to say exactly where it goes wrong.
   So here's the setup (including JACKMIDI ports):
JACKMIDI:clock -> JACKMIDI:bridge_port
   The bridge_port should pipe it all to ALSA sequencer:
port 129:0 -> midish (dev 2)
   In rmidish:
> dclkrx 2
   Now there are some questions:
1. Shall I press "p" before starting the audio client so midish is waiting for 
the start or is midish automatically waiting for connections?

2. with the description "MIDI clock pulses being emitted" shall I use a 
different function:
dmtcrx? Or something completely different?
   I'm getting frustrated, because everything seems logical and in order, but 
nothing won't give. :-)
   I tried the other way around, with midish's clock (mmc) controlling JACK. My 
audio recorder started just fine. but when recording several seperate tracks, 
in several goes, I have an UNBELIEVABLE drift! :-( the result was quite far 
from being synced. :-)
   Can someone suggest routes to go? Small steps to try along the way? The only 
constraint is: I can only use commandline tools.
   Kindly yours

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