Playing MIDI Files

From: David Seager <>
Date: Mon Nov 05 2012 - 13:59:51 CET
I am writing a simple MIDI file player to be used in a small street 
organ.  I intend to use it to play tunes from playlists with a few 
simple controls to start, stop, skip to next file etc.  It is intended 
to run on the new Raspberry Pi under Debian Linux.  I have looked at the 
various MIDI players that are available and Midish seems to offer most 
of what I need but I have found a couple of problems that I hope some 
more experienced Midish users can help me to overcome.

I have been experimenting with Midish in "verbose" as this will allow me 
to stop playing with the "s" command rather than just killing the 
process.  Also, I would like to be able to use the measure numbers 
returned by Midish to support a pause and resume facility.

Problem 1:
When I stop playing a file, any notes that are on at that tine will 
remain on.  I would prefer it to send an "all notes off" MIDI 
instruction to the instrument.  I suspect the reason that this is not 
done is that it could interrupt input from other sources but would be 
interested in your comments.

Problem 2:
When Midisih is running in verbose mode there is no indication when a 
file is finished which I need to start playing the next one.  The 
measure  and beat numbers just continue running indefinitely.  I 
considered using the "mend" command to find the last measure number used 
but this does not seem to work.  If I send "mend" to Midish it seems to 
ignore it.  Any ideas?

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