Re: midish, ecasound and jack

From: Alexandre Ratchov <>
Date: Mon Nov 12 2012 - 09:55:26 CET
On Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 10:38:57PM +0100, gorest wrote:
> > iirc there's some work in this direction, but I don't know to which
> > extent the MTC aspect of the problem is solved. Search for
> > jackctlmmc and a2jmidid on the web as an entry point.
> i will look into that, but i'm afraid it is not the best solution
> to use more intermediate programs. It is probably working good,
> but i have a feeling of complexity that i wouldn't like to debug
> when i have a problem in a live situation.

well, I don't know how complex these programs are, but yeah,
complexity.. more code, more bugs, more time spent on tweaking
software, less fun ;)

> So let me put some more info about what i want to achieve : Today
> i use a macbook, running puredata and abelton live to play wav
> files, and midi sequences to change patches on the voice, guitar,
> drums, and bass rig. Each musician also have a midi mixer to
> control their ear monitors on the RME fireface UFX. I want to
> replace the mac with a simple (understand light and fast booting,
> no X) linux box for two reasons : Using only GNU-like software,
> and challenge myself to gain some experience. Today i have a
> intel-atom motherboard to run it, once achieved and satisfied,
> i'd like to port it on some ARM board i have in stock.

heh, nice project :)

> The need is :
> - 4 wav files to mix to adat out (RME digi96/8 ok with alsa)
> - 4 to 5 midi tracks (on different hardware ports through DIY USB GM5 box)
> - get those two synchronized

midish was designed for that

> - ability to move freely within the song (either using midi
>   markers <best>, or a transport bar)

this will require some programming

> I don't expect to use the midi edit functions often, as our midi
> track are pretty well prepared (but it happens sometimes, it is
> mainly CC and PC messages). after reading your answer, and
> Julien's one, a can see three directions for the setup :
> 1) ecasound <jack,jackctlmmc, a2jmidid, kilk> midish
> i need to learn about all these interactions
> 2) aucat <MTC> midish 
> looks interesting as i don't need jack, i just need
> synchronization, this one look very promising to me, need some
> testing.
> 3) ecasound <jack> JPmidi
> I saw this program on julien's website, but hence not related to
> midish. with no midi edit functions....

I don't have hints for (1) and (2), I know neither ecasound nor
jack well enough. (2) works fine on OpenBSD, I've already used it
to record music last year, but the Linux port requires some

> Let me know if this discussion is going beyond the scope of
> midish mailing list. I can separate the thread about the midi
> markers integration and my personal project using midish.

I think the discussion is OK, I'd just like to avoid "announcing"
aucat & friends before it's properly ported to Linux.

-- Alexandre
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