Re: Not recording controllers

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Mon Dec 10 2012 - 00:08:25 CET
Hello Alexandre!
   In rpely to myself, here is the list of controllers emitted by the NordLead 
3. This is definitely post 1995, since that was - if my history is right - the 
year of NordLead1. I mapped them out, just so I could be sure, I didn't forget 
a function. It looks rather complete to me. Maybe I can have a go at my 
Waldorf Microwave XT tomorrow. I'm very sure it too uses a lot of controllers. 
Using aseqdump, I remember, that for a lot of functions it also sends whole 
sysex packages (perhaps aseqdumps way to present 14-bit controllers? We'll see 
and I'll provide a line from aseqdump so you can judge for yourself.
   But what to do about it in general? Shall we ask what the rest of the world 
in Linux MIDI does? I've never heard such complaints from Rosegarden, so I 
suppose, that they - as other big GUI giants - have found solutions.
   Warm regards

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