Re: Midish, Tracks, Mute

From: Alexandre Ratchov <>
Date: Sun Feb 10 2013 - 15:03:44 CET
On Wed, Feb 06, 2013 at 05:40:17PM -0800, David wrote:
> I've just been learning about Midish so I'm somewhat of noob.I'd
>  like to use midish instead of qtractor in a midi routing scheme
>  I came up with to implement alternate drum triggering  (as in,
>  no drum voice is ever immediately repeated) with hydrogen.  To
>  (kinda) simplify it:  in qtractor I set up 2 midi tracks per
>  drum voice (eg. snare) with 1 muted (its actually called
>  "monitor" on the channel strip) and the other not muted.  These
>  are live midi channels and not tracks for recording and playback
>  (thats done in Ardour3). The "monitor"(mute) buttons on each drum
>  voice channel (1 on, 1off) are midi controlled by the same midi
>  note that the actual snare hit produces (after some filtering)
>  toggling each midi track on and off (offset from each other).
>   the midi outs of each track are routed to different midi
>  channels which then, after some additional note and velocity
>  filtering in Qmidiroute, are routed to hydrogen to trigger 2
>  discreet and alternating sets of 22 layer uncompressed
>  multimiced samples per drum voice.  Its sounds very realistic.
>   the channel mute toggling easily keeps up with a delicate crush
>  roll.  Yay Linux!I'm wondering if, in Midish, I can:
>  1. Midi control Mute (I think i read that i can).


mute is not midi controlled; and even if it was, it's not a
lightweight operation in midish, amongst others it scans for
sounding notes and generates events to cancel them, resets certain
controllers and so on.

afaiu, you need to "simply" route the note alternatively to
different channels. Routing can't be controlled by midi events
yet; sorry.

>  2. Create and use Tracks for realtime live performance, not just
>  record and playback. Or,can the Mute function be used outside
>  the context of tracks (device, channel, input, ?).

Yes, midish has "filters" and "outputs" for this purpose (live

>  Its basically a set it and forget it configuration and it seems
>  like Midish could do this with alot less mem/cpu overhead than
>  using a DAW.  Thanks so much for any help with this.tweed

yeah, midish doesn't consume much memory and cpu but it doesn't do
what you need either.

It contains the necessary framework to keep track of note states
and does routing, so if you want to hack it to do what you need,
you won't start from zero. If you go this way, drop me an e-mail.

-- Alexandre
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