Taking clock from JACK transport

From: Julien Claassen <julien_at_mail.upb.de>
Date: Wed Jul 17 2013 - 21:20:43 CEST
Hello alexandre!
   I have taken a look at the "converter" from JACK transport to MIDI. The code 
looks simple enough. It's written in C++ at the moment, but I think the 
conversion is quite easy. The most difficult part would be to translate the 
current MIDI output into an internal clock output. At the moment the program 
writes MIDI clock (0xF8, 0XfA,...) to a JACK MIDI port. Midish knows how to 
receive those from the outside. I don't know, what you do internally, when you 
take your own clock, probably from gettimeofday(?). I'd be willing to 
translate the code into plain C and mark the place the the clock data would 
need to go into the Midish system, if you can think of a good place to put it 
and if you are willing to implement the output to Midish.
   The most important function is the process() function. It's a callback, that 
is registered with JACK.
   The way the code is written, it will end up plain C with very few 
dependencies. I'm sure Midish already has them all, except for the jack 
specific includes.
   I hope, we can figure something out. It will make the whole process of 
sync'ing easier and it will embed this code into an actively maintained 
software and bind it closer to the place, where it is really needed.
   Warm regards

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