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Date: Mon Oct 21 2013 - 19:40:30 CEST
 Project synthesizer sounds lm3jo

The lm3jo synthesizer can play and create new sounds. It is a free download
for use with Linux. Lm3jo can be used as well by using the QWERTY keyboard,
the mouse , or plain text files . Lm3jo also allows you to mix up to 16
audio tracks.

Lm3jo was written using three basic principles innovative , one in
mathematics, one acoustic and one in the form of association of ideas,
while using a lightweight audio format I created it a few years ago .

Sound database contains thousands of files , built using spreadsheets. The
synthesizer uses the audio in its form of 2 bytes per wavefront
format. But useful three basic factors that can reconstruct all the sounds
in its creation part .

The synthesizer is primarily intended for children to play with the
keyboard playing several instruments .
It is also intended for musicians who are looking for new sounds.
And for the explorers to observe what I call the hammer transform his
guitar piano sound by increasing the length of the edges of the hammer.

I used to find my names :

The hammer , a large amplitude that decreases progressively increasing the
duration of the wavefront
As an example :

Marriage, different forms of association amplitude

The unicorn is a form of low amplitude crete example that allows me to surf
the consonants on vowels without the mixer

The dressings, it is the combination of the previous three definitions
associated with forms of variation of times .

The presentation page lm3jo here:<>

The download link lm3jo here:

lm3jo is writing on a proprietary audio format that limits its use Linux .

This research project designers libraries lm3jo , I do currently a new
graphic code in qt

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Who I am:
Dev Montpel-libre, I also created the engine expert system research,
dedicated bootable USB key , Gkri an application for teaching
To contact me: @

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