Re: bug report

From: Alexandre Ratchov <>
Date: Sun Dec 01 2013 - 18:29:00 CET
On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 09:04:19PM -0400, i_reede wrote:
> This is a bug report.
> I invoke midish as follows smfplay -d 20:0 C\'est\ Si\ bon.mid
> my midi synth starts playing but after some time, some notes seem to stay stuck on.
> This ruins the music.
> Ctrl-C stops all sound.
> When I play the same file in Window media player, no problem.
> When I play same file on same synth via gvox encore, no problems.
> So the file, although it may not be perfect, seems good enough for both of them.
> It therefore appears something is worng in midish.
> I attached the midi file you have source material to reproduce the error.
> Platform used is Raspberry Pi with latest Raspbian (Debian) as
> OS. (Did an apt-get update and upgrade, just in case.
> Installation was made with apt-get install midish
> Can you please provide guiance as to why some notes would stay
> stuck on lke this?

I don't have a raspberry pi running debian, and couldn't reproduce
the problem; neither with version 1.0.4 (the one packaged by
debian) nor with the cvs version. Tryied both with a hardware synth
and fluidsynth and no notes stay stuck on.

Do you have acces to other environments to test on, in order to
figure out whether the problem is specific to raspbery-pi or to
linux or to any particular synth?

When you play the file multiple times, are the stuck notes the

FWIW, even if the file contains anomalies, midish is supposed to
fix them, so no notes are supposed to stay stuck on.

-- Alexandre
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