Feedback and feature plea

From: Ffanci Silvain <>
Date: Fri Mar 25 2016 - 13:13:45 CET
Hey hey Alexandre,
I'm back at music, using Midish with spectacular success! But with my 
command set and the setup I use I have to separately maintain ever more 
information in an extra file. So I wondered, if you could allow Midish to save 
more types of info in a project or allow an auxiliary file to be stored, that 
would hold that info.

Specifically project specific device info is helpful, since devices can also 
be soft synths and direct MIDI-USB devices, that will only appear, when they 
are running. Also global variables. I use those for groups of tracks and basic 
info for my step sequencing commands.

There's one additional issue, that really does generate problems: the 
quantisation command. The problem is this:
a couple of 8th notes of the same pitch, played on a monophonic synth/patch. 
If quantised with 8th denomination, the notes will blur into one, since 
note-on and note-off overlap or are so close together, that the synth won't 
separate them. This has happened on several hardware synths, both old and new. 
There hadn't been an occasion to try it with softsynths. If the notes are 
quantised with 16th, they may completely disappear, if the note was played too 

Working from my own step-sequencing commands, would it be feasable, to build 
in two conditions when quantising: If the note length allows it move the 
note-off command one tick back, so the first 8th note of a bar, will not end 
at tick 12, but at tick 11, counted from one. Second if the note length allows 
it, make sure, that a note will at last at least one length of the given 

This will not work on 96th notes, if someone wants them, but starting on 48th 
this mechanism could help. I've lost a few tracks due to the current 
behaviour, which is my fault, in not remembering, that this will happen. Still 
it's something, that can happen easily. :)

A last wish is purely for comfort and not important as such, but it would make 
life easier: allowing note names, where MIDI-note numbers are allowed. So 
something like A C E might work in place of 45 36 40. It would help in 
entering steps, as I do with the pstep/pstepv and ppen/ppenv commands.

Thanks for a great piece of software! I'm always enjoying it! I do hope, that 
you will continue to work on it and slowly extend it. Didn't I hear something 
about pattern sequencing in the wings? It's a great tool and very much 
appreciated as is - of course - your work and design. Truly, it's fun working 
with it!

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