Re: Feedback and feature plea

From: Ffanci Silvain <>
Date: Mon Mar 28 2016 - 13:04:54 CEST
Alexandre Ratchov, Mar 27 2016:
> I see no problem in storing more information in the project file.
> I'm not sure to 100% understand, if notes start overlapping because
> of the quantization, there's a bug to fix.
Yes, they do. It is easily replicated: start recording and try to play consecutive 8th notes on the same key. If you make them too short, they vanish, if you play them just right, they'll overlap. Even using quantisation of 16th notes doesn't always help. That only works, if the notes are so long, that the note-off command follows one 16th note after the the note-on.
> IIRC, quantization acts on *all* events, including note-on and
> note-off events, in a way order is always preserved.  So notes that
> don't overlap before quantization can't overlap after quatization.
> Note lengths may change and possibly be reduced to zero.
Hm, maybe they don't overlap, but the note-on and note-off events are so close together, that a synthesizer will not process the note-off in case the same note is played again. Especially, if the patch is monophonic.
> Just to be sure I understand the problem, could you create a file
> with a single track and few notes only, and tell me what command to
> run to reproduce the problem.
set quantising denomination to 8 and run quantise with 100%.
Reload and do the same with note denomination of 16.
In both cases a few notes vanish. Both played on a Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-12, but this is also reproduceable on other modern and old synths.
>> A last wish is purely for comfort and not important as such, but it would
>> make life easier: allowing note names, where MIDI-note numbers are allowed.
>> So something like A C E might work in place of 45 36 40. It would help in
>> entering steps, as I do with the pstep/pstepv and ppen/ppenv commands.
> you mean accept strings when we expect note numbers, seems
> possible.
Yes, perhaps as an alternative in that place, so I can write:
{non 67 127}
{non g 127}
I'm not sure about the actual g, for that note, but I believe it's the one normally noted as lower case g.
> what are these pstep/pstepv funcions?  is this a patch to midish?
No, it's part of my Midish commands set, which is entirely written in the interpreter's language:
It needs to be updated though, since I've unearthed a couple of small bugs, with commands, I rarely used and mostly provided for consistency.

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