Auto stop when playing midi files

From: Manfred Mjka <>
Date: Thu Jan 18 2018 - 10:02:59 CET

First of all, thanks for midish! It helps us a lot to setup an automated
workflow for a midi/audio conversion.

Our current setup is: We use JACK to pipe the MIDI events through a VST
plugin and record the output. To synchronise the recorder we use jackmmc.
Everything works as expected, but i was wondering if its possible that
midish will fire automatically the "stop" event when an imported MIDI file
is played.

> import "song.mid"
> p # goes forever

Is there any way to make midish stop when the midi file is played?

Thanks in advance,
Manfred Mjka sofasession
Received on Thu, 18 Jan 2018 10:02:59 +0100

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