Midish issue with softsynth

From: Jeanette C. <julien_at_mail.upb.de>
Date: Tue Jun 19 2018 - 20:25:12 CEST
Hi Alexandre,
I don't know if you have seen the relevant thread on the Linux Audio Users' 
list, but I have a recurring problem with one Linux software synth.

Yoshimi won't accept MIDI from Midish. It reports a port connect and 
disconnect upon rmidish start and stop, but won't produce a single sound.

To be save on the Midish side I have tested it with LinuxSampler and setBfree, 
to other Linux base softsynths, which both work, as did Fluidsynth last time I 
checked that.

Yoshimi's author, Will Godfrey, reports that Yoshimi interacts well with 
aplaymidi. There maybe other sequencers of which I am not aware.

Currently, I route midish to an alsa-to-jack midi bridge and connect Yoshimi 
to the JACK end of that bridge. This works. So I can only assume that the 
actual connection is a problem.

Any solutions or idea for further debugging?

Best wishes and thanks,


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