Re: dclkrt and dclktx

From: Jeanette C. <>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2020 20:11:30 +0100 (CET)
Bonsoir Alexandre,
Feb 25 2020, Alexandre Ratchov has written:
>  for i in [dlist] { print $i ; dinfo $i; }
Exemplary for one device:
   devnum 0
   mmctx                   # sends MMC messages
   clktx                   # sends clock ticks
   ixctl {} oxctl {}
   iev {nrpn rpn xpc}
   oev {nrpn rpn# xpc}
   clkrate 96
Device 6 which is the master clock reads almost exactly the same, only
it has the additional entry:
clkrx                   # master clock source

> the vendor and model of your synth, I'll look if the manual says
> something abount synchronization to external clocks.
I am referring to my Sequential/DSI Prophet 12. It does receive the
clock over USB and is set to slave mode.

As mentioned before, it works, if I directly connect this external
master clock to the Prophet 12 through aconnect.

As also verified, Midish synchronises to the external clock, shown by
waiting for the start from my DAW and all playback runs perfectly being
in sync. With Midish's default clock (taken from the system timer?)
tracks will drift over time.

I noticed this issue even more so with my Behringer RD-8 drum machine,
which has its own sequencer. When sync'ed through Midish (just receiving
clock) it will do nothing. When connected to the jack clock directly, it
will start the sequencer and play on time.

To further examine the situation I used amidi: the Prophet 12 does not
send a clock:
amidi -p hw:3 --dump --clock

Is there something else I might check?

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