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From: Jeanette C. <>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2020 20:06:17 +0100 (CET)
Hi Matthew!
Oct 30 2020, Matthew Bockol has written:
> I'd like
> to use the keystep to play several different parts one after another,
> recording each in midish.  Once I have them, I'd like to play them back to
> different devices ( each on it's own midi channel ) at the same time.
This is possible, using filters. Using my own commands, I'm afraid I
don't any longer know how it works by hand. But you can download the
command set here:
Copy the commands file to your home directory.
Include these commands in your ~/.midishrc at the bottom like that:
exec "/home/your_username/.midish_extra"

Now you can define devices and channels for you hardware at the top of
your ~/.midishrc file. Here's how it COULD look:
# Create the device for a keyboard (use aconnect -li or aconnect -lo to
# find them
dnew 1 "Prophet 12 Keyboard" rw

# now create named input and output channels for better
# readibility/mnemonics
inew pro1 {1 0} # MIDI device 1, channel 0 input channel
onew pro1 {1 0} # output channel, see above
inew pro2 {1 1} # MIDI device 1, channel 1
onew pro2 {1 1} # ...

For this example I will assume that you have an input channel called
keystep1 and instrument output channels pro1 and daw8

# create track pro_bass recording from keystep channel 0 to Prophet 12
# channel 0
tnew pro_bass
rnew keystep1 pro1
# record notes
[play something]

# Now create another track to record your software instrument on channel
# daw8
tnew daw_pad
rnew keystep1 daw8
# record something
[play notes]

During the recording of daw_pad you should already hear pro_bass
playing. When you play again both pro_bass and daw_pad will play. With
more complicated setups - not catered for by my commands - you can route
one channel of the keystep to multiple synthesizers at the same time
with and without splits, for live performances.

You can also immediately route different channels of the keystep to
difference synthesizers. Just use something like keystep6 - or whatever
- as your track inputs.

Only one track is selected and thus recording. By default you can record
several inputs to one track and split events by channel later on. My
commands chdup and cchdup will copy events on one channel from a source
track to a desination track.

Does that help? Is there part of the process you'd like to see in more

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