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From: Igor Piccini <>
Date: Sat, 07 Nov 2020 22:48:35 +0100

thanks to Jeanette for the answer, but i haven't resolved any issue.

i made a lot of tests about the problem using midish version 1.3.0 (aug 
10 2019) and also older versions, but i have the same issue.
I tried free (gpl) and commercial software and hardware.
Finally i used a software monitor for midi events and the results of my 
tests are:

1- started midish from command line without any parameters
2- configured a new device with command 'dnew 0 "nn:nn" rw'
2- loaded a midifile with constant tempo at 120 bpm
3- tested the midi track with another software and the midi softw. 
monitor says 500ms for beat (correct:: 60sec/120bpm = 0,5sec = 500ms)
4- enabled midish with 'dclktx {0}' to transmit MIDI clock to my device 
(midi monitor)
5- started playing 'p'
6- the midi monitor software says 25ms instead of 500ms !!!!
7- tested with track with tempo changes and the output of midish tempo 
changes in proportion but always about 20 times faster.

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>>Hey hey Igor!
>>Oct 15 2020, Igor Piccini has written:
> is possible that Midish is sending 96 ticks for quarter note instead 
> of 24?
>>I have sync'ed Midish with other hard and software devices. In 
>> version
>>1.3.0 I had some issues sync'ing outside equipment to Midish. But
>>sync'ing Midish to outside equipment has always worked steadily.
>>Midish does certainly receive 24 pulses per quarter note (PPQ). I 
>> have
>>however experience oddities when importing some external MIDI. Midish
>>would playback much too slow. You could experiment with setfac for a
>>playback factor, or just send a slower clockkrate.
>>for further analysis you might try a BPM detection tool. There are a 
>> few
>>on Linux, which should run on other Unix platforms. The package aubio
>>offers a tempo detection. That way you might record a kmick drum
>>foor-to-the-floor at 120BPM and then analyse the tempo of a recorded
>>audio. That way you can get the exact mismatch.
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>i need to synchronize Midish to external devices like metronomes and 
> keyboards (in this case i have a Boss DB-90 device and Roland 
> >keyboards) and i tried also synching with other softwares, but without 
> good results.
>Reading Midish documentation seems that is possible and enabling this 
> with "dclkrx devnum" (and start correctly) with multiple ticks >of 96 
> ("clkrate" docs say:"number of ticks per whole note, default is 96, 
> which corresponds to the MIDI standard") ... the external >devices 
> receives the start and stop signals, but the tempo is overflowing (many 
> many times faster than the real one).
>I tried to analyze the problem and reading midi standard 
> documentations i found this:
>clock (decimal 248, hex 0xF8)
>start (decimal 250, hex 0xFA)
>continue (decimal 251, hex 0xFB)
>stop (decimal 252, hex 0xFC)
>MIDI beat clock, or simply MIDI clock, is a clock signal that is 
> broadcast via MIDI to ensure that several MIDI-enabled devices such >as 
> a synthesizer or music sequencer stay in synchronization. Clock events 
> are sent at a rate of 24 pulses per quarter note.
>is possible that Midish is sending 96 ticks for quarter note instead 
> of 24?
>Or the problem have to be found in other problems?
>Thanks a lot for developing and support MIDISH!!
>Best regards,
>Igor Piccini

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