Re: Ticks per unit issue

From: Jeanette C. <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2021 19:25:23 +0100 (CET)
Hi Raphaël,
many thanks for your reply, but Lisandro's answer did solve it. Midish can 
change ppq (setunit) internally and it will adapt the whole song.

The midish file is not MEANT to be read by humans. So everything in there is 
perfectly fine, it's just the kind of data Midish will use under the hood.
4 384 is not a time signature, but the number of ticks per quarter notes, 
which fits 1536 ticks for four quarter notes.

Thanks and best wishes,


Dec 20 2021, Jerash music has written:

> Hello,
> While not totally aware of mdish semantics, the tempo of 37500 seems strange in the definition, as well as the time signature of 4/384
> By guess if I divide the tempo 37500 by ticks 1536, it gives a tempo of 24,4140625 which is VERY slow as you say, and if multiplied by a factor of 4 you’ll get around 100bpm, so maybe the tempo you are expecting.
> If yes, then maybe something is to be changed either in the midi exported file so the numbers are correct, or maybe midish does something bad on importing the file ?
> These are just guesses, hope that helps.
> As a Cubase user (macOS) I know I can change the ticks (ppq) on export, but I’m not aware of any linux command line equivalent.
> Have fun.
> Raphaël
>> Le 17 déc. 2021 à 15:39, Jeanette C. <> a écrit :
>> Hey hey,
>> I imported a MIDI file into midish. The resultant midish file shows
>> ticks_per_unit 1536
>> tempo_factor 256
>> meta {
>>  timesig 4 384
>>  tempo 37500
>> }
>> at the top. For a project with a tempo of 100bpm.
>> Synchronised to Midish's internal clock this is fine. Synchronised to an external clock the tempo is VERY slow, about 1/16th to 1/20th slower. I can't really calculate the factor. It's not 1/16th exactly nor 1/20th.
>> What can I do to fix the song to use 24 tick per quarter or how can I correctly change the tempo of the external clock source to correctly generate 100BPM inside Midish?
>> Many thanks for any hints!
>> Best wishes,
>> Jeanette
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