MIDI out randomly not working

From: Andrea Bianchini <andrebia1984_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2024 19:13:27 +0100
Hi, I'm trying to make a simple connection between a Roland SPD-1E and a 
MIDI out port (via RME interface), with note change.
the .midishrc is this:

dnew 1 "SPD-1E" ro
dnew 2 "16:0" wo

inew spd1E {1 9}
onew out {2 9}

fnew devmap
fmap {note spd1E 60} {note out 38}

debug mididev 1

SPD-1E is the client name for SPD-1E

16:0 is the port number for RME MIDI Interface (RME Card has another 
MIDI port 16:32 - unused)

everithing works fine except for the fact that when I run midish, 50% of 
times I've no out... I have to simply stop and relaunch.
after two or three times it start working. if I stop midish and restart 
I have to try some times, and then it starts.
it seems something related with the output cause I always can see the 
input notes (with debug mididev), even when there's no output.
no related MIDI in/out on the same hardware when I connect with 
acconnect or Ardour.
i'm running Ubuntu Linux 22.04, midish version 1.3.3 compiled from source.

I would like to understand why it randomly doesn't work and how to solve.
tnx for the great job.

Andrea Bianchini
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