Re: New feature: show song position (measure.beat) during playback

From: George Wieggers <>
Date: Mon Feb 04 2008 - 08:40:49 CET

> The last time i've looked at this issue (more generally how to
> communicate with frontends), i convinced myself that adding this
> information to the output of the '-v' option would be the most
> flexible.
> I've commited your patch since you seem to need it, but in the long
> term i'd like to use the -v flag for such info.

Ok, that's fine. I wasn't aware of the '-v' option, that's why I chose
the debug solution. Your approach probably is better.

> Just few comments:
>  - i've moved the code in song_ticplay() because this function
>   is called at the beginning of every tick; song_ticskip() is not
>   called for the first tick, it's to move one tick forward.
>  - replaced the sprintf() by dbg_xxx(), so the code looks like the
>   rest; it's a style only change.

I'll keep these things in mind, thanks.

> BTW, if you are used to cvs, the repository is available by ssh.
> The cvs root is on, for instance:
>        export CVS_RSH=ssh
>        export
>        cvs checkout -P midish

Thanks for the info. I'll do a CVS checkout tonight.

- George
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