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From: <>
Date: Thu Nov 06 2008 - 17:57:57 CET
ok.. so now sending single notes works but for that to work i needed
to send it directly to korg electribe.. sending first to Virtual Raw
MIDI and connecting with QJackCtl to korg electribe didn't work... i
use Audiotrack USB/MIDI interface and it serves me well...

i tried syncing with seq24 and it works.. it triggers ticks in sync
with the tempo set up in seq24... when it gets [play] from seq24 it
starts the midish track..  the same for [stop] so far so good...

i couldn't find how i'll use midish as sequencer for loops.. i would
like midish to repeat certain number of measures being synced with
external midi clock... i couldn't find how i'll tell to midish to
change the trackposition so it starts from the beginning...

if that's possible i just need to add event once (ie. 1st measure 2nd
beat) and it will repeat every time it repeats the track).....

do i need to take care of that abstraction (looping) on my own? that
means copying every midi note in a right position (measure/beat) to
the long running timeline?

my goal is to add midi looping to my application which uses
sooperlooper engine for audio looping... there is a video introduction
if you would like to see how the user interface look like at the

as you could see i'll use ipython as textual frontend for rmidish so i
can control both sooperlooper and rmidish from unique front end -
ipython... as in the case of sooperlooper custom pyqt widgets will be
added for visualization what's going on inside of midish....

any idea how to deal with looping and midish is very welcome....

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