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Date: Fri Nov 07 2008 - 13:05:50 CET
On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 8:55 AM, Alexandre Ratchov <> wrote:
> oh, unfortunately midish doesn't support loops. There's some work in
> progress though; There's another problem: tracks cannot be
> edited while midish is playing (actually that's the main reason for
> not having loops).

uf uf.. yes, i didn't check that until you said this.. and after check
i can say that you are right :(

> if you have other loop orientated software, you should use it
> unless you want to hack on the midish code ;)

hm... i didn't find any... all midi sequencers didn't separate gui
from engine... at least in a way i could communicate with the

pyalsa is way too complicated and if possible i would rather use
engine like midish then to start everything from scratch...

> very interesting. I really like very mutch the ``control eveything
> in real time'' thing. Nice work.


> just a remark, if you're writing a front-end, you should use
> midish rather that rmidish, it's simpler and more reliable; rmidish
> is just a ``sample front-end''

my mistake.. i found it in the documentation... i was very happy coz
that was the progress from 2006. when i first checked midish... i
dunno if you remember that... oh.. i changed the address... it's
marcell mars, that's me ;)

coming in loops asking for loops... my loops are sometimes two years long ;)

i'll try to see what can i do with midish atm and then wait for new features...

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