Re: Beat / Measure and time minute/sec/ms with midish

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Fri Jun 05 2009 - 12:29:23 CEST
Hello Laurent!
   Nice to see you again here. :-) Well you might have a look through the 
midish-mailinglist archive as well as ecasound's, if they both have one. I 
asked a lot of stupid questions about it.
   To cut a long story rather short: You either need midish to understand JACK 
transport and actively use it. Or ecasound needs to fully understand MTC (MIDI 
Time Code). Ecasound only understand MMC (MIDI Machine Chart). This allows 
ecasound to get MIDI start and stop but nothing else in between. The problem 
is that MIDI and audio use a different clock and they start to drift. You 
might think a computer is a nice precise instrument, but believe me, even with 
a 2 minute song, you definitely feel it. I tried it once, to record several 
MIDI instruments one after the other and then later synchronise them with a 
starting tone. The start sync worked, but at the end of the song it all 
sounded strange.
   Sorry, but I think I still didn't find a solution, that fully satisfied my 
needs for that problem.
   Kindest regards
P.S.: Are you blind as well?

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