Getting started with midish

From: Bob van der Poel <>
Date: Sun Aug 30 2009 - 00:55:56 CEST
I need to do some simple midi recording on my linux box. Simple, but a bit
more complex than arecordmidi appears to offer. So, I hope I'm in the right
place :)

I just compiled and installed 0.4.1 and installed the /etc/midishrc file. No
obvious problems. Also, inserted the line

  dnew 0 "16:0" rw

as per the docs. I'm not linux, alsa. I don't have jack running and have not
done anything with midi ports. In my /dev directory I have the following:

bob$ ls /dev/*mid*
/dev/dmmidi  /dev/midi

I don't know what dmmidi is?

Now, the first 2 problems I'm having:

1.  If I execute "midish" from the command line I get no prompts like shown
in the manual page. If I do "rmidish" I do get the prompts. Not sure of the
difference ... maybe I just need to read a bit more.

2. If I try to record using the example:

   bob$ smfrec -m -d /dev/mid foo.mid
alsa_open: couldn't parse alsa port
press ^C to stop recording

recording stopped

So, a problem with the port??? Suggestions?

Not clear at the moment, but can smfrec play a midi file AND record a new
file at the same time? I don't want my playing to be appended, but saving in
a new smf file.


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