Re: Getting started with midish

From: Alexandre Ratchov <>
Date: Sun Aug 30 2009 - 22:56:16 CEST
On Sat, Aug 29, 2009 at 03:55:56PM -0700, Bob van der Poel wrote:
> I need to do some simple midi recording on my linux box. Simple, but a bit
> more complex than arecordmidi appears to offer. So, I hope I'm in the right
> place :)
> I just compiled and installed 0.4.1 and installed the /etc/midishrc file. No
> obvious problems. Also, inserted the line
>   dnew 0 "16:0" rw
> as per the docs. I'm not linux, alsa. I don't have jack running and have not
> done anything with midi ports. In my /dev directory I have the following:
> bob$ ls /dev/*mid*
> /dev/dmmidi  /dev/midi
> I don't know what dmmidi is?

i don't know exactly, but since midish can use the ALSA
sequencer, you don't need to care about stuff in /dev. Such
names are for non-Linux systems

> Now, the first 2 problems I'm having:
> 1.  If I execute "midish" from the command line I get no prompts like shown
> in the manual page. If I do "rmidish" I do get the prompts. Not sure of the
> difference ... maybe I just need to read a bit more.

they are the same, rmidish is a wrapper around midish.
But both end up executing the very same code.

> 2. If I try to record using the example:
>    bob$ smfrec -m -d /dev/mid foo.mid
> alsa_open: couldn't parse alsa port
> press ^C to stop recording
> --interrupt--
> recording stopped
> So, a problem with the port??? Suggestions?

it should be:

	smfrec -m -d 16:0 foo.mid

(see other mail)

> Not clear at the moment, but can smfrec play a midi file AND record a new
> file at the same time? I don't want my playing to be appended, but saving in
> a new smf file.

you can use the following sequence of commands in rmidish
to play and record simpultaneously:

	import "playfile.mid"	# load .mid file
	tnew mytrack		# create a new track
	r			# start recording
	s			# stop recording
	export "recfile.mid"	# save the result

Above commands will record from all input channels of
the ``16:0'' port and store midi events in the newly
created track ``mytrack''.

If you want to record multiple instruments one by one in
different tracks, you'll have to register one ``input
channel'' from which to record and ``output channels'' on
which to send recorded events.

to get started, you could quickly go thru the midish manual,
just to understand how it works. Then you can search for the
details depending of your needs.

sorry, i'm coming late in the discussion, but i hope that
helps. Let me know if you need further information or

-- Alexandre
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