Re: question regarding midish

From: Alexandre Ratchov <>
Date: Wed Sep 02 2009 - 00:06:56 CEST
On Tue, Sep 01, 2009 at 01:49:47PM -0700, Edmond Shum wrote:
> Hi, I came across midish on the web. The idea looks interesting. 
> In the document it says that it can handle multiple
> devices. Does it mean that it only handle multiple input
> devices ? 


It handles multiple output devices too. MIDI events are
handled and stored using (device, channel) pairs, rather
than MIDI channels only.

> When I look further, it seems that all the raw-meta events
> are removed from each track and put it on meta-track. Does
> it mean that if a track is assigned to a different device
> ( using raw meta event ), will not be honored ? In other
> words, if I have a track assigned to port 0, another
> assigned to port 1, even if I open 2 devices for write,
> all the data will be sent to device 0 only ?

oh, tracks are not assigned to any device or channel. Any
track may contain data for all devices / channels mixed.
Doing so is not practical though ;)

So if you create two tracks, one containing events for
device 0 and the other events for device 1, then the result
will be played on both devices.

The meta track contains only tempo changes and time
signature changes; they are not sent to any devices, they
are used interanally to control the timer and the metronome.
So you don't have to care about it.

-- Alexandre
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