Shell based Midi player controlled by Apache Web Server

Date: Tue Nov 03 2009 - 16:44:52 CET

Ive a question regaring midish. can i use this to control a player via webserver from a client?
what i want to do is to connect a external hw midi sequecer to the webserver (apache + php + sql etc) and store some midi files on that server. then, connecting via html from a client i want to select a specific midi file and start playing that on the server (definetly not on the client - i want to play from the server)
the functions i want to call from the html client are:
start playing midi file
change tempo (is this possible?)
eventually i want to pause - but this is not absolutely necessary.

thanks for that great tool! i hope you can find time to answer my questions.

best regards from austria
Martin Möderndorfer

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