Re: Midish and its clock source

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Sun May 30 2010 - 21:47:11 CEST
Hello again!
   So here's what I did:
1. Start jack (without connecting to the hardware midi ports).
2. start a2jmidid -e - to get ALSA sequencer ports in JACK.
3. start j2amidi_bridge - to connect JACK output MIDI to ALSA sequencer.
4. start jack_midi_clock - the essential part
5. connect jack_midi_clock's output midi port to the j2amidi_bridge:playback 
port, to have its data come to ALSA.
6. Start klick (a jack metronome, that knows of beats and tempo), start it 
like this: klick -T 4/4 120 (note: Don't use the -i interactive option, it 
somehow screws up everything!)
7. In midish do something like this:
midish> dnew 2 "129:0" ro
midish> dclkrx 1
midish> dclktx 0
   I don't know if the last line is necessary, but I again got screwed up, 
before. Still I'm not sure, whether it was this or something else in the 
8. Now start my JACK-audio app.
   Then I can ask midish to start and finally star the audio-app.
   Because there are so many small programs involved, I wrote a small script 
using screen (GNU screen) to run them all. This only uses one terminal - or 
none, if I detach the screen). I need to get some experience with it, but it 
looks good. Pity being: I can't use midish's timetrack and time signature 
features. But klick is quite powerful in that area too.
   If someone likes to have the script I use to start all my apps, I'd be happy 
to post it.

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