e-learning MIDISH

From: Kevin Utter <kvutter_at_frii.com>
Date: Thu Jan 01 1970 - 00:59:59 CET
Hi all! I'm finally getting back to MIDISH, and I must say, 
there's a lot of excellent functionality here! Thank you!

I'm having a little trouble understanding a few things.  Why do 
some commands like "ls" "minfo" "tinfo" etc., give information 
when typed as they are, while others like "tlist" "ilist" "gett" 
or "getf" require "print?" For simpler typing, is it possible to 
set things up so that "print" isn't required, or is there a 
concept about the differences I should be understanding? Is that 
a situation for defining my own procedures, perhaps?

Thanks much.

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