Re: re-learning MIDISH

From: Alexandre Ratchov <>
Date: Sat Sep 04 2010 - 20:48:13 CEST
On Sat, Sep 04, 2010 at 09:58:40AM -0600, Kevin Utter wrote:
> Hi all! I'm finally getting back to MIDISH, and I must say, there's
> a lot of excellent functionality here! Thank you!
> I'm having a little trouble understanding a few things.  Why do some
> commands like "ls" "minfo" "tinfo" etc., give information when typed
> as they are, while others like "tlist" "ilist" "gett" or "getf"
> require "print?" For simpler typing, is it possible to set things up
> so that "print" isn't required, or is there a concept about the
> differences I should be understanding? Is that a situation for
> defining my own procedures, perhaps?


yes, the ``list'' commands and the getters are for scripting; ex.

	for t in [tlist] {
		tmute $t

but yes, you're right they could be useful on the command
line. Perhaps the interpreter could be changed to print the value
returned by the last function call.

-- Alexandre
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