couple odd bugs?

From: Kevin Utter <>
Date: Thu Jan 01 1970 - 00:59:59 CET
Hi! I think these 2 things shouldn't be happening, but if I've 
missunderstood some, please excuse me.

1.  When importing MIDI files that contain midi controller 4 
(foot controller) data, each controller 4 message is followed by 
a newly inserted controller message of no.  32, value 0.  These 
messages can be selected, but can't seem to be deleted!

2.  I've been trying to tevmap controller 4 messages to a 
different device number.  If I select all events, they can all be 
changed this way, but if only controller 4 events are selected, 
there is no error, but they are not changed.  I can't remember 
now, but it may be that selecting all controllers still has that 

Thanks for your help.

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