Re: A couple odd bugs?

From: Alexandre Ratchov <>
Date: Sun Oct 24 2010 - 14:02:11 CEST
On Sat, Oct 23, 2010 at 09:34:56PM -0600, Kevin Utter wrote:
> Hi! I think these 2 things shouldn't be happening, but if I've
> missunderstood some, please excuse me.
> 1.  When importing MIDI files that contain midi controller 4 (foot
> controller) data, each controller 4 message is followed by a newly
> inserted controller message of no.  32, value 0.  These messages can
> be selected, but can't seem to be deleted!

Oh, there are no controllers in the 31..63 range. These numbers are
reserved for the ``fine'' nibble of continuous controllers in the
0..31 range.

Controllers 0..31 have two nibbles and they are transmitted as two
MIDI controller messages: the coarse nibble (controller in the 0..31
range) and the fine nibble (controller in the 32..63 range). For
instance, controller number 4 is transmitted as two messages:
controller 4 followed by controller 36.

Midish uses both nibbles internally, except when .mid files are being
imported/exported, it ignores controllers 32..63

If you have a .mid file that triggers midish to generate controllers
with number 32, I'm very interested.

> 2.  I've been trying to tevmap controller 4 messages to a different
> device number.  If I select all events, they can all be changed this
> way, but if only controller 4 events are selected, there is no
> error, but they are not changed.  I can't remember now, but it may
> be that selecting all controllers still has that effect.

fixed, it's on cvs and in the new snapshot. Thanks!

-- Alexandre
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