midish as show controller

From: Dale March <dmarch80_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun Nov 21 2010 - 01:03:44 CET
I am trying to use midish to automate some lights in a show based on MTC of
music playing from a hard disk recorder.
I normally use a behringer BCF-2000 control surface to control Q light
Controller (running also on Linux) to manually control the lighting.
For a show we are doing I would like to automate this somewhat.

I am using midish.tar.gz
<http://www.caoua.org/midish/midish.tar.gz>development as recommended
on the web site compiled on Ubuntu 10.01.

If I connect QLC via midi to the BCF directly sliders knobs and buttons work
as expected.
 If I map them thru midish as below. all values keep trying to return to 0.
If I move a slider up, it will make its way back down to 0. I suspect that
is because they are being treated as notes and last only one beat with the
feed back loop on position causing them to jerk there way down.
How do I make the controls stick?

dmarch@Aspire1:~/Show$ rmidish
send EOF character (control-D) to quit
[0000:00]> inew qlc {0 0} # the qlc program (dnew 0 "midi thru"  rw is in
[0000:00]> onew qlc {0 0}
[0000:00]> inew board {1 0} # the behringer board (dnew 1 "usb-midi" rw in
[0000:00]> onew board {1 0}
[0000:00]> fnew filter1
[0000:00]> fmap {any {1 0}} {any {0 0}}
[0000:00]> fmap {any {0 0}} {any {1 0}}
[0000:00]> tnew lights2
[0000:00]> r
[0000:00]> 0: sensing enabled
3  31:01   s
[0000:00]> save "lights2"

If you have any recommendations on how I might do this, or software that
might be more suitable for this task, I would appreciate any comments.

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