Re: Problems setting up Midish to work with my Midi interface, keyboard and sound module

From: Alexandre Ratchov <>
Date: Mon May 30 2011 - 23:58:57 CEST
On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 08:49:55PM +0100, John Robinson wrote:
> Hi everyone.  I have just started using Midish under Ubuntu version 11
> and am attempting to set it up to work with my keyboard and sound
> module.  I have an M-audio Midisport and have my sound module
> connected to its first output port.  My keyboard is connected to its
> first input port.  According to Aconnect, the first port of my
> Midisport is called "20:0".  When I send Midi files to 20:0 using
> Aplaymidi, they play successfully on my sound module.  When I launch
> Midish, however, they do not play at all.  The command I am using to
> connect my sound module to Midish is:
> dnew 0 "20:0" wo
> The command I am using to connect my keyboard to Midish is:
> dnew 1 "20:0" ro
> Could anyone please advise me where I'm going wrong?  Midish is not
> producing any errors as far as I can tell, but Midi files I have
> imported into it definitely do not play.  Nor does the Midish demo
> song!


I suspect ALSA doesn't allow the same device to be opened twice; could
you try the following?

	dnew 0 "20:0" rw

then either play the sample file or just type ``i'' and play something
on the keyboard. The module should play any event played on the

BTW which version of midish is this?

-- Alexandre
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