Re: Problems setting up Midish to work with my Midi interface, keyboard and sound module

From: John Robinson <>
Date: Tue May 31 2011 - 21:41:43 CEST
Hi Alexander and many thanks for your e-mail.  I'm using Midish
version 1.0.4-1ubuntu1 which I installed from the Ubuntu repository.
Typing dnew 0 "20:0" rw does, as you suggested allow me to play my
keyboard and hear the notes I'm playing through my sound module.  I
am, however, not able to play any files.  I extracted 'sample.sng'
using Gunzip, but when I loaded it into Midish, I got the error "';'
or new line expected" and when I hit 'p' to play the song, I did not
get an error, but heard no sound either.  This also happened when I
imported Midi files into Midish with the 'Import' command.  Any
suggestions as to what to try next would be very useful.

Many thanks.


On 30/05/2011, Alexandre Ratchov <> wrote:
> On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 08:49:55PM +0100, John Robinson wrote:
>> Hi everyone.  I have just started using Midish under Ubuntu version 11
>> and am attempting to set it up to work with my keyboard and sound
>> module.  I have an M-audio Midisport and have my sound module
>> connected to its first output port.  My keyboard is connected to its
>> first input port.  According to Aconnect, the first port of my
>> Midisport is called "20:0".  When I send Midi files to 20:0 using
>> Aplaymidi, they play successfully on my sound module.  When I launch
>> Midish, however, they do not play at all.  The command I am using to
>> connect my sound module to Midish is:
>> dnew 0 "20:0" wo
>> The command I am using to connect my keyboard to Midish is:
>> dnew 1 "20:0" ro
>> Could anyone please advise me where I'm going wrong?  Midish is not
>> producing any errors as far as I can tell, but Midi files I have
>> imported into it definitely do not play.  Nor does the Midish demo
>> song!
> Hey,
> I suspect ALSA doesn't allow the same device to be opened twice; could
> you try the following?
> 	dnew 0 "20:0" rw
> then either play the sample file or just type ``i'' and play something
> on the keyboard. The module should play any event played on the
> keyboard.
> BTW which version of midish is this?
> -- Alexandre
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