Re: Version, and Program Change without bank

From: Alexandre Ratchov <>
Date: Wed Oct 19 2011 - 13:01:49 CEST
On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 12:33:31PM -0600, Kevin Utter wrote:
> Hi!  Well, its been awhile, but I'm still here and using MIDISH.  I hope you are well.
> I'm a little confused about versions.  It looks like I had been
> using version 1.3.1which I got over a year ago, but the website
> shows 1.0.6 as being from last December, and a snapshot from last
> June (2011) as "Recommended."  I installed the June snapshot, which
> reports in its song file "Song file of MIDISH version 1.1".  So,
> which version is the latest, and how do I know which I'm actually
> running?


there's no way to know which version this is. Song files contain first
two version digits.

The next release will be 1.1.0, that's why the song file contains
1.1. And i agree, there should be a "version" command or alike.

> Then, when I activate program change buttons, my midi controller
> only sends program changes.  It only sends bank change messages if I
> specifically activate its bank buttons.  In MIDISH when I try to
> select only program change events and enter:

> ev {pc {} 0..127}
> or:
> ev {xpc {} {}}
> The evspec always shows "xpc 0..15 0..15 0..127 0..16383
> (I think those numbers are right. Anyway all events.)
> But No program events are selected.  If I look at song fil in VI, it
> shows all program changes as XPC, and having a bank value of "nil."
> The current manual mentions both "PC" and "XPC" evspecs, but it
> looks like MIDISH treats them both the same.  I'm guessing that no
> events are being selected since there is no bank value in the data,
> and "xpc" is looking for a value?  Is there a way I can still select
> these events?

indeed that's a bug. Program change events with undefined bank (ie
"nil" bank in the song file) are never selected. They should always be

thanks for the detailed report, this is fixed now, try cvs or the
new snapshot

-- Alexandre
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