midish, ecasound and jack

From: gorest <gorest_at_free.fr>
Date: Sat Nov 10 2012 - 00:00:30 CET

just subscribed to the list, after testing rapidly some synchronization between midish, ecasound and Jack.
My goal is to have a small "command line" linux able to play audio and midi in synchro, with the ability to move within the song

First, one feature i want to add to midish is using MIDI markers to move within the song. I looked at the midi parser code, and it easy to add parsing for these events. Now i have to look deeper in the code to see if it is feasible to use the 'g' proc to move in the markers list with : g verse2

Then, adding jack_transport sync is a must. As it's working nearly perfect with ecasound, i want to have it working with midish.
That may be a challenge for me, but i'll get into it for sure, only the time needed to achieve this is unknown (My C programming skills are significative, but i'm not a highly skilled developer).

So far, i've been able to synchronise midish and ecasound using this trick (somewhat different that the one from julien) :
1) midish is sending MMC/MTC synchro to its midi out device
2) Adour/Rosegarden/Hydrogen is receiving this synchro (play/stop)
3) Ardour/Rosegarden/Hydrogen is forwarding the synchro to JACK
4) JACK is sending the synchro (start/stop/position) to ecasound which is in slave mode

The start/stop are working ok, but i wasn't able to have ardour (for example) follow the MTC position of midish. It plays, pause, the always continue, and the cursor doesn't move when i use a 'g 4' command in midish. Maybe i missed something ?

Just let me know if someone has already move toward the jack_transport integration into midish, so i'd have some work already prepared.

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