Re: midish, ecasound and jack

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Sat Nov 10 2012 - 12:01:44 CET
Hello Raphaƫl!
   This is good news. I certainly am greatfulto you and I think others are too. 
The bad news is: I haven't done anything much in that direction. Perhaps the 
good news might be, that you could try to steal code from klick (although it's 
written in c++) and from Gabriel's jack_midi_clock. The latter is written in 
C, if I remember. It's a very small program, just translating MTC into 
jack_transport. Perhaps you don't even really need klick code. Maybe you can 
just use it to see, how tempo and bars and beats are integrated.
   Further than that, Ican't really be of help. Sorry.
   I was definitely able to sync Ecasound and Midish for a recording. It was a 
simple piece, only one tempo, one metrum thoroughout. If you want to listen 
out for the accuracy, try this piece:
   Guitar and vocals were recorded by Dave Philips, I imported them into Nama 
and then used my tool chain to sync them. Problems: I always had to restart 
the metronome, since it wouldn't properly relocate. I think these things are 
only properly dealt with in apps like Rosegarden, latest Ardour versions and 
the like. But they unfortunately have such huge code bases.
   Warm regards

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