Re: midish, ecasound and jack

From: gorest <>
Date: Mon Nov 12 2012 - 13:52:29 CET

after some tries, the whole thing seems to behave correctly. Finally i can't go this way with the MTC back to midish because using klick is adding another mechanism, which is not aware of the bar/beats of the original midi file (which could have changing bars during the song).

So the final and i think best idea, is to create a bridge between midish and jack, using code based on the mentioned tools (a2jmidid, jackctlmmc, jack_midi_clock, klick)...
This might be a big work, but i'd prefer one single app to do everything than 5 different processes to manage and script.
As i'm not on a hurry, i prefer to take this golden path ;)

I'll let you know when i have some clear definition of the software, and can start coding.


Le 10 nov. 2012 ŗ 12:01, Julien Claassen a ťcrit :

> Hello RaphaŽl!
>  This is good news. I certainly am greatfulto you and I think others are too. The bad news is: I haven't done anything much in that direction. Perhaps the good news might be, that you could try to steal code from klick (although it's written in c++) and from Gabriel's jack_midi_clock. The latter is written in C, if I remember. It's a very small program, just translating MTC into jack_transport. Perhaps you don't even really need klick code. Maybe you can just use it to see, how tempo and bars and beats are integrated.
>  Further than that, Ican't really be of help. Sorry.
>  I was definitely able to sync Ecasound and Midish for a recording. It was a simple piece, only one tempo, one metrum thoroughout. If you want to listen out for the accuracy, try this piece:
>  Guitar and vocals were recorded by Dave Philips, I imported them into Nama and then used my tool chain to sync them. Problems: I always had to restart the metronome, since it wouldn't properly relocate. I think these things are only properly dealt with in apps like Rosegarden, latest Ardour versions and the like. But they unfortunately have such huge code bases.
>  Warm regards
>        Julien
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