Re: Not recording controllers

From: Alexandre Ratchov <>
Date: Sun Dec 09 2012 - 10:06:51 CET
On Sun, Dec 09, 2012 at 12:13:33AM +0100, Julien Claassen wrote:
> Hello!
>   I have the problem, that Midish is not recording controller
> messages. I can see those however with aseqdump. But the moment I
> turn local off, I can't see the LEDs moving, when I twiddle a knob
> and certainly not change in sound.


It's supposed to record them :/, if you use a filter, do you have a
rule to send them the output? With my setup and an empty
~/.midishrc, typing the following routes any event:

dnew 0 "rmidi/0" rw

Is the device opened read-write? Also note that if an empty filter
is used, it'd have no routing rules, which would results in any
event being dropped (not only controllers).

You could try "debug mididev 1" to make midish dump any event on


-- Alexandre
Received on Sun, 9 Dec 2012 10:06:51 +0100

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