Re: Not recording controllers

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Sun Dec 09 2012 - 10:21:40 CET
Hello Alexandre!
   I tested it with an empty and a non-empty .midishrc now. I didn't use any 
filters on my tracks, I didn't have to reroute any devices for that.
   Attached you find a log. There's one alsa port error, which is OK, because 
one of my usb devices isn't turned on.
   during the performance I just turned one of the knobs, which wouldn't react. 
I saw, that something was transmitted, but no reaction. A few of the knobs now 
respond. But all the controllers, that I have tested - on the NL3's sufrace - 
are in the range of 0-127. so nothing extended or anything. I could have 
another look with someone, if I did adjust the controller send/receive status 
correctly, but is should be.
   Thanks for the tip about debug. I hadn't thought of that.
   Warmly yours

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