Properly sync'ing an external device

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Thu Dec 13 2012 - 13:11:17 CET
Hello everyone!
   I haven't really had success in sync'ing my synth's arpeggiator to Midish. 
The manual of the device, says, taht it's possible to sync it to an external 
clock and keep the arpeggiator even sync'ed to the position in the song, when 
moving in the recording.
   At the moment I'm sending the clock (dclktx). Should I also transmit 
anything else?
   when I'm picking up an external clock signal, should I in addition receive 
anything else from that device? I'm asking, because the final recording setup 
will get the clock from a JACK application, which is sync'ed to JACK internal 
clock, thus keeping it to JACK's rather more exact audio clock.
   Warm regards

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