Plea for features

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Sat Dec 15 2012 - 21:28:16 CET
Hello Alexandre!
   While experimenting further with Midish/rmidish I had one or two ideas. For 
a start: everything is working fine. A few hardware troubles have gone away 
and my list of personal procedure is growing slowly.
   First I second the plea for marks. Very useful, especially for easily 
preselecting certain parts of a piece (verse, bridge, chorus...) to copy them.
   then I didn't see a means so far, to determine, how long the current track 
is. I ended up selecting generously and hoping, that this would get all the 
   Then track groups would be nice. In Nama we call those "bunches". They are 
just a named group or list of tracks with nothing else in common. that way 
it's shorter to perform a few collected actions.
   Is there a way to automagically create a new d3evice, without knowing a 
device number per se? I was thinking about adding software synths. these might 
be added as I go along. Right now my procedure give them predetermined device 
numbers, but it might be nice to get a number from midish. A function, that 
would return the first free device number might be a lovely feature.
   I think, you added dlist again, to list existing devices, just in case one 
forgets. Could there be a way to give a device a string attribute for a name 
or ID. This might be optinal or required, I wouldn't care, but I sometimes get 
confused, when I have to use an unnamed channel, which of my devices is which. 
I was wishing for a function, at least showing a list or device numbers and 
maybe the real inputs or a name.
   Rereading this message in my mind, it sounds like I'm a poor lamb all alone 
with loads of worries. This is definitely not the case. Midish is a wonderful 
software and I am glad, I finally kicked myself in the butt, to really 
appreciate the wealth of functionality and the power of the language. It's 
amazing. Especially using the script language to write small convenience 
functions. One of my favourites - in its generalised form is:
proc add_dev name devnum input {
 	dnew $devnum $input wo
 	inew $name {$devnum 0}
 	onew $name {$devnum 0}

proc del_dev name devnum {
 	ci $name
 	co $name
 	ddel $devnum
   This is the specialised form for soft synthsw, notice the "wo" in the dnew 
statement. but it works wonders.
   Well thanks for this fantastic piece of software and I hope, that before 
christmas I will have to show something for it, in a very practical way. The 
tune is there, but I'm so tired...
   Warm regards

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